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entertainment commission, i'm glendon hyde, first order of business, we have public comment -- sorry, roll call, sorry. (roll call). . >> commissioner lee? >> here? >> commissioner tan? >> here. >> commissioner joseph? >> commissioner perez.
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>> here. >> commissioner hyde? >> president [inaudible] is excused this evening, we do have a quorum. >> now we're moving on to public comment, this is the time when the members of the public can address the commission on item that is are not on our docket, if there is anyone that would like to approach the podium now. okay, seeing none, we are going to move to item number 2, which is the review and approve the minutes but we are going to continue this item at the request of staff. >> we need a motion. >> so, move to continue. >> second. >> commissioner lee? >> aye. >> commissioner tan? >> aye. >> commissioner joseph? >> aye. >> commissioner perez? >> aye. >> commissioner hyde? >> aye. >> alright, now we're going to move to the report from our
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check t*if director. >> thank you, good evening, commissioners, and thank you, commissioner hyde, you're doing great, keep it up, we'll help you along. just briefly, i wanted to update you on a couple of things related to legislation and policy. i gave you guys, hopefully you all have a separate director's report, it's not in the doctor, and one of the things that is behind my memo is an update on the planning commission review, the latest review of the western soma community plan, the planning department was given an informational update on this plan that's been ten years or so in the making on november 15th, and the memo they were given to review is attached again, take it home, it's not something you can read up there, it outlines the update they were given and i wanted to highlight the ideas
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presented the 11 street, what they're calling entertainment corridor, we don't have anything properly called an entertainment corridor, there are 8 different options outline ined this memo presented to them, they protect various current entertainment venues and current housing, all options attempt to minimize conflicts that occur when entertainment and housing are currently not planned for in san francisco as you well know, so the interest we have here in getting involved in that planning process and i know commissioner tan and commission near hyde were at that presentation at planning, we do want to get in as early as possible so that our permittees and our process sort of engages early on to make sure we don't have neighbor problems, and that we have healthy night life, so the planning commission didn't take any action at their meeting but the
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west soma community plan will continue to move along in the coming months and will eventually change the zoning that's been static in west soma for years, so staff will continue to keep you informed and if commissioner tan or hyde have anything to add, you can do it now or i can finish my report. >> i have a question just on this. so, this plan has been ten years in the making and this goes to you and you and possibly you, so this plan's been ten years in the making and they've come up with all of these recommendations. have they taken into consideration in your best guess changing times, like the city is coming back, we have less unemployment, we have an influx of new tech companies, we possibly are going to have a warrior's arena, has this plan in any way taken into consideration changing times in the future or is it set somewhere 8 or 10 years ago? >> i think that's a loaded
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question and i'm probably not apt to answer that directly to you. >> anybody have an opinion? >> i sat on the planning task force for a few months. i was an appointee from james kim's office, by the time i got there, it was already in the making and although it has been said that over 60 times entertainment has been on the agenda and there were discussions, it is my experience that although it was on the agenda several times, it was at the end of the agenda and was not talked about a lot of times and no, there was no discussion about the tech companies, all of this plan was -- had already been moved forward by the time the twitter tax break and all of that had gone through, so no, that was not taken into consideration. >> yeah, and i think in my opinion, this is just an
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opinion, the plan processed in -- you know, in regards to entertainment, i think a lot of the effort currently just came recently, you know, the supervisor said, hey, i want to look at how entertainment is being addressed here. i don't know, i think if you're asking, do they take into consideration what's happening in 2012, i don't think it really is, i think if you look at the net housing and the net jobs that are being developed through the plan, you're looking at a marginal increase of what the current plan is versus the proposed plan, so yeah, so i mean, i have to think about it more but honestly, i don't think it's been a process that's enabled a lot of opportunity for growth. >> thank you. >> okay, so again, behind this memo, take it home, take a look at it, there's some decent information in that and certainly the staff's person at
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planning would be happy to answer any of your questions if there is something you don't understand, so moving on, the other thing that is attached to this memo is file 121065 which is introduce legislation by the board of supervisors specifically david chu creating something called a polk street alcohol restricted use district among other things, and really what it does is create something -- a new lower polk street, alcohol restricted use district that doesn't exist, it's similar to other restricted use districts in the city but many of them in the city are being removed as opposed to being created so the concern that staff has is that this would restrict as it's written, it will restrict all new and on and off sale license establishments with some
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exemptions for restaurants, there's a blanket requirement that all restaurants close at midnight, it would also require all new entertainment permits to obtain conditional use authorization which is currently not a requirement in that area and it's a pretty big area with streets -- it's not just polk, it's got boundaries that go up to larken and van ess, and as of right now, it's at least a 6 month process to go through conditional use at the planning department for entertainment, so that's a big change and something to consider, it's attached again for your reference and we have been in contact with supervisor chu's office, i know some of you might have reached out as well to try to provide input on the legislation. it wasn't directly sent to the entertainment commission for comment, but it's in its
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introduction period, so anything's possible at the moment and we'll continue to keep you updated as things occur, and i have some sort of timetable for it. >> i just want to put on the record that i find it offensive that this commission does not get asked to comment on legislation that directly affects our purview, and i think that i'd like the know why. i mean, we should have definitely had it to comment on, and then i have a question for inspector granelli, have we had a lot of complaints from the polk street corridor and what do we do to address them? >> polk street corridor as this commission knows, they made a decision to get ahead of polk street a little bit. we started getting some complaints from the neighborhood both of sound and
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crowd, and we're kind of behind the 8 balls that were coming after the fact and having to be reactionary, we wanted to get there early and address some of those issues so we spent a great amount of time not only dealing with sound complaint but crowd control complaints, what we've done in the past and what we've continued to do is working with northern station, also working with the fire department and abc or the aou unit, we've gone to polk street both in groups and in solo to address those venues in the area, how they should better control their sounds and crowd, we did one or two educational meetings where we pulled different restaurant owners and addressed some of these, these were chaired by the director kane and we also had northern
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city and others participate in them. >> so, has there been positive results in that? >> absolutely, we're not seeing the kind of violence on polk street, you have the occasional bar fiekt, but drunk people, that happens sometimes, but as far as violence goes, we're not getting any kind of violence coming off of polk street, polk street is probably the busiest it's ever been in the history of this city and that business is still increasing. we are getting better, you know, clubs operating better, we are seeing better crowd control, we are seeing better sound control. probably in the last two months, we've seen a decrease on -- in complaints. >> thank you. >> i have a question for voj. we know we can control the poe's, home are next to each
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other that might be contributing to the issue. >> polk street is interesting because it's a xin nation of permanent and non-permanent venues by this commission, we have several permanent venues on along polk street and we're really talking the kind of active area of polk street is between california street and uri street, so the act of -- it's an active district but also the permanent venues, you have everything from full like night clubs to poe's with extended areas to as far as extended areas with food and on top of that, you have mixed in at least four, possibly five other bar, like full-on bars with 48's possible, two, maybe 347's that are there that are non-permanent and not doing entertainment, so it's really mixed which as this commission
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knows ideally, that's what we want, and the other part is that the recipe for an area where there is an intensification or there are a lot of permanent venues, you know, what you want is you want people doing live music which we have, we want people doing dj's which we have, you want people not doing entertainment, they're just traditional bars, we have a real -- it's one of the few areas in the city where you have a real mix of a lot of different things going on and all doing different programming, you know, no real one bar or club in that area is doing the same thing as everybody else, and again, all the statistics show from this city and other cities that that's what builds a thriving neighborhood. >> i mean, i think the mix, it's really good, but i think two clubs that are being responsible are doing the best they can, if the next door
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neighbor has got the overflow and doesn't have the poe and are also a part of helping us, it's a bit unfair. >> that's why we brought to the table the abc and fire department and northern state. >> i would like to say similar to the western soma, do you think we could have supervisor chu's office possibly give us a presentation of what's going on as this moves along? >> well, again, if you're directing me to request that through the supervisor's office, i'm happy to do that, i'm at your service. i don't know whether -- >> i would like to direct you to do that >> okay, i will ask. okay, moving on, i just wanted to do a quick update on the -- our new enforcement position, so i think it was late last week and early this week, we saw some real movement so i'm re